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What is a Barrel Pump?

Barrel Pumps are designed to provide an easy and safe way to transfer virtually any liquid from containers such as barrels or drums. Barrel Pumps are also called drum pumps.

Many different models, tubes lengths and accessories are available to satisfy diverse industry requirements. 

What are the Main Features of a Barrel Pump?

A Barrel Pump contains several components that will be in contact with the pumped fluid in addition to the outer pump tube material. It is important that the wetted parts are resistant to corrosion and, if the fluid is flammable or combustible, safe to use at the operating temperature.

How Does a Barrel Pump Work ?

Manufacturing and processing plants make extensive use of barrels (typically 100 or 200 litres) to store and transfer liquids.


These containers are too heavy to tip up to dispense or empty out the liquids safely. Barrel Pumps allow fluids to be transferred from containers such as these in a safe and effective manner.

What are the Benefits of a Barrel Pump?

The main advantage of a Barrel Pump is that it eliminates the many risks that arise from the manual handling of containers: injuries, chemical splashing and leaks, and toxic fumes. Barrel Pumps are lightweight and portable, and therefore easy to transfer between containers.


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